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ListApp Premium shopping list

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ListApp Premium is an application designed to make your life easierIt is a customizable list of items you can easily create a shopping list you can check the items marked can also edit, delete, or create new items, these items can be changed in quantity and unit and can be marked in the list and also adds a new feature to be able to price their products and know the price they have in each store, that is cheaper and can also become to the default units for a faster and easier reading also has the ability to set the price lower if there are multiple prices for each item this way you can save money knowing in what store is cheaper each item.There is a database of articles in 10 languages ​​(Spanish, English, French, Basque, Italian, Russian, German, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese), which has more than 3,000 items stored by default. (300 per language). This database has many features, such as to load, to save, to restore and more.It also has a customization not only of language but also in metric units and imperial (Imperial), England and the United States and can also be customized currency: euro, dollar, yen, won, rupee, pound.Added function to send and share the database and lists with others via bluetooth or mail(use generic mail program to download the attachment, gmail doesn't download attachment)To open with ListApp only have to click in db file and open as textThis version no brings advertising